Beautiful mountain peaks, gorgeous coastline, rich culture, and lush flora are just a few of the things to see and do if you ever decide to visit this island nation.

Aside from all of that, Irish comedy is one of a kind.
Take a peek at the “Ireland” subreddit to get a sense of what we’re talking about.
This subreddit has everything linked to Ireland, from amusing Irish people to stunning scenery.
In the gallery below, you can see some of their most popular postings.

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#1 Dublin Is Healing, Things Are Returning To Normal

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#2 How Beautiful

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#3 Gerard Hennessy And His Letter To The Irish Times Is Undoubtedly The Best Thing I’ve Read This Year

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#4 Yep

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#5 Seems About Right

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#6 I Once Wore A Silver Jacket

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#7 Construction Sites In Ireland Display Only The Most Relevant Info

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#8 Let’s Have A Cup Of Tea And Let This All Blow Over

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#9 Love This

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#10 Going Through My Screenshots & Found This Gem

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#11 Always Look Forward To A New Sign From Them

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#12 Even Mother Nature Knows A United Ireland Is Inevitable!

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#13 Makes Me Proud To Be Irish

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“Irish poet Horace de Vere Cole was an accentric prankster. He once ruined a ‘pretentious and terrible play’ by giving tickets for strategically selected seats to bald men. When the lights went up their shiny heads spelt out a swearword”

#14 I Painted A Mural Of Síoda Over The Last Few Days

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#15 #brexit Special

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#16 My Great Great Grandfather Friend Is Part Irish

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#17 Dunno Where I Stand On Kashmir But…

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#18 My 90yr Old Granda Still Insists On Cooking Me A Birthday Fry!

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#19 Opening Paragraphs Of An Irish Times Review Of The “Big” Interview

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#20 What A Real President Looks Like

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