A very interesting collaboration which started in 2012 in West Yorkshire, England between the artists Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater, was the reason why bits of Love started “glowing” on the roof of their Neon Workshops. The name of their self-funded project was: “12 Months Of Neon Love “which featured lyrics of well-known Love songs.



For 12 months, passers-by and train commuters could see and admire bits of song lyrics in red neon lights flashing before their eyes spreading the message of Love and its sorrows via famous lyrics. From “I love you just the way you are” to “Love will tear us apart again” this public art intervention had quite an impact on people.


Victoria and Richard’s 12 “children” were born because of their two great passions: She loves the subject of time and he loves neon. The artists enlighten us: “By touching on something universal, the work strives to initiate a thought or memory in the viewer concerning their own experiences of love; as well as providing a heartfelt sentiment for them to take with them on their journey.”




The project drew to a close on St Valentine’s Day 2012, at 8 p.m sharp when it switched off and this occasion was marked by an auction in order to sell 6 of the 12 neons.
I bet love was the highest bidder.



Later, they published a limited edition book, with the whole project being unfolded in its pages.
So,“No more I love yous “ but you can buy the book from their website. http://12monthsofneonlove.blog.com

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