Right off the bat: this is great! It’s must see! What this is? Well, there is an obviously talented video editor, names Thibault Charroppin (or Tibo). Apart from being talented in video edition, Tibo, is also a cat-dad. He has a sweet cat named Lizzy, who is remarkably known, under her stage name. “Owl Kitty”. Thanks to her guardian, Tibo, she starred in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, in The Matrix, in GOT, Harry Potter – to name a few.

Mr.Charroppin inserts, via the magic of video editing, his cat, little Lizzy –or should I say Owl Kitty–  into famous films. The result is fantastic. And now Owl Kitty has gathered around 436k followers (or “fans” is more appropriate?) on Instagram. Also, some of these vids, have more than a million views!

Check them out.