What a creative way to spend your time while babysitting someone else’s cat!


How would you feel if you asked a friend to babysit your cat and instead of just taking your cat back, you would get a photoshoot of your furry friend too?  This is what happened to Miranda McDonald when she asked her friend, who happens to be a great photographer, to babysit her cat! Her friend goes by the name Josell Mariano, who after this incident, undoubtedly, will be asked to repeat the babysitting/photoshoot combination, for other animals as well.

Have a look at the photoshoot below and the feedback he received as well.

Now let’s hear it from the cat owner herself

“My friend is a photographer for musical artists and was on tour for 2 months for Julia Micheals and Bea Miller so I had Jade all that time. She is super sweet! Every morning, she jumps on the bed for pets and cuddles, and same at night when we go to sleep. The rest of the day, she follows me from room to room, usually finding a sunbeam to sleep in. Things she gets scared of are loud noises, soft noises, sudden movements, slow movements.”

As for the Babysitter/Photographer

“I love cats!” he said. “Love animals in general (Mariano actually owns himself an 8-yearl-old black lab mix) but cats are cool because they just feel like a furry roommate (and much cuter). They generally take care of themselves, but are still down to keep you company while you watch TV or something.”

 “I used a 6Dmk2 with an f/2.8 24-70LII, and an f/1.4 50mm. Lighting is an Einstein strobe with a 24-inch beauty dish,” he said.

“Jade was a better model than I thought but was still super wiggly,” Mariano said lastly. “She was distracted by treats and her favorite toy (which is a broken string on a stick).”

As for the feedback it got:

Image credits: heyjadebutt