Michał Biegański is a director based in Sarajevo.

“My adventure with a camera began at age 18. From the beginning, camera did not serve me to serious implementation of the artistic visions but it was only a tool for documentation family events and adolescent friends goofing around. Since I can remember my life has been associated with music – my father played keyboard and accordion. With my friends I started a band in which I played the drums. Two years later, I began film studies at University of Lodz. At age 21, I parted with the drums for a bit more serious reports of musical events. Since the end of 2007, concerts’ recording with the camera has become commonplace for me. Many young bands needed at this time visual sound cards. Concerts sensitized me on journalistic dynamics and showed frameworks that characterized the camera lens. Mostly, as I stood in front of the playing band, the scope of my movements was very limited. In a result, my eye-lens was searching for more essential details and musician-instrument interactions. In college, I familiarized myself with the work of Russian director and operator Dziga Vertov, whose film Man with a movie camera was a stimulating impulse to gave myself a nickname Człowiek-Kamera.

Since then, I call myself “Camera-Man”. This name was not related to my super-heroic powers but it was the best combination of the man and picture recording equipment; a synthesis of human eye’s sensibility and technical perfection of camera lens.”

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