Characterizing herself as a ‘major geek’ and a keen sci-fi lover, it can be hard to link the artist behind the feminine and mysterious collages and the woman herself. No matter how you see it, both are  in fact, Eugenia Loli – a Greek artist known worldwide for her wonderful collages.

"OCD Lady Too"
“OCD Lady Too”

She has been making inspiring collages, ‘creating a nostalgia for a country that never was’, since she entered the world of art accidentally in 2012. ‘I started collaging in 2012, after doing an animated music video for an indie musician. The video incorporated some collaging, so I had to do research on it,’ she says and adds that starting everything was easy for her:

"Storm in a Cup"
“Storm in a Cup”

‘I fell in love with that new kind of collages I was seeing on tumblr at the time, and I got hooked. I was doing some filmmaking before collage, so the narrative part of filmmaking has passed on to how I make collages too.She gets inspired by all kinds of things.The most basic source is  an impressive collection of old magazines. ‘I find vintage pictures online, and on my own collection of hundreds of vintage magazines. I have to be on the lookout for old mags and books all the time’, she says and explains that everything starts with a “base” picture and then she goes on building the rest of the picture up around that.


 “Gold Digging”
“Gold Digging”


The result?A dreamy world in gold, ruby pink and diamonds glitter escorted by nostalgic notes, melancholy brown-edged posters characterizing  the pictures. The secret is illusion about what was or what we think once was: ‘I’d love to evoke some wonder, possibly with some landscape collages,’ she says and adds that she hopes it evokes that kind of nostalgia in people.


“Is There a Prize at the End of All This?"
“Is There a Prize at the End of All This?”
“Astral Double"
“Astral Double”
“Just a Few More Steps, Matilda"
“Just a Few More Steps, Matilda”


“What’s Cooking"
“What’s Cooking”


''Bubble Bath''
”Bubble Bath”




“Cluster Recycler"
“Cluster Recycler”


“Reptilian Snack"
“Reptilian Snack”


“Dry Cleaning"
“Dry Cleaning”

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