Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Working with public space has never been easy for street artists, but they all embrace the beauty and uniqueness of working outdoors, often including it into their work.

One of these artists is Pejac, who not only works with the public space, but he creates exceptional optical illusions. Apart from his traditional stenciled works, Pejac has found many, creative ways to deceive the passerby, combining stencil with unusual details of the streets. From painted windows to wall scuffs, Pejac remakes the world through his vivid imagination, blending colors, patterns and textures that captivate the viewer.

Through his artworks, the Spanish artist shows that he has both the skills and the ideas, two necessary traits for a good street artist. In one of his works, he created a figure “splashing” Manet’s masterpiece,  The Luncheon on the Grass, on the wall, while the figure that wipes the pieces that fall off its shape, is my personal favorite. His detailed and thoughtful work and that fact that his practice has his signature, make Pejac one of the most bright and talented artist of street art.

Check out more works by Pejac here

Vandal-ism-1 Wallcanvas1 Ants1 Canvas-a Crash1 Dust Esparcepajaros2 Exit-to-Surrealism-1 Lock New-Order Phiedra-a1 Shutter2 Stain1