Novik attended art school in Tbilisi, Georgia from 1960-1965 and attended the Institute of Fine Arts in Yerevan, Armenia from 1970-1975. After graduating from The Institute of Fine Arts, Novik worked on the restoration of the artwork and the interior spaces of the churches and cathedrals in St. Petersberg, Russia. In 1980 Novik Tsolokian worked as an interior designer and created some original artwork for restaurants, halls and bars.

His paintings depict landscapes, flowers and some abstract full of emotion creations. The color combination and the movement he is able to achieve on his mastery is what stands out. He recently joined Instagram and Twitter as well and he has attracted a fast growing audience that appreciates is daily uploads of his phenomenal work for the past three decades.

“I have feelings, but I don’t know why I am doing it. I don’t know what’s going on, but I know I have to do it. I love it.

Everything comes during the work. I don’t know where it comes from and how I am doing it. It is a secret from myself. No thinking. No remembering. No planning. It comes spontaneously. It is like a song I am singing, but I don’t know the words. I never heard the song, but I am singing.

I don’t know what is going on inside of me, but I can’t live without painting. Something leaves me.  I go to another world.  It rules me. It comes like a necessary thing to make me happy when I am painting. Time stops for me. Time doesn’t exist for me.

Painting keeps me running, keeps me active.  It keeps me alive.” Novik’s states on his webiste.

“Love forever” – 30″ x 17″

“From Nowhere” – 10″ x 8″ (2007)

“Red Church ” – 14″ x 11″

“Blue Hole” – 12″ x 12″

” Yellow in Red ” – 14″ x 11″

“Lord” – 14″ x 11″

“Old City” – 14″ x 11″

“Pain” – 16″ x 12″

“Gift from Heaven” – 20″ x 16″

“Birth of the Savior” – 24″ x 26″

“Peace Holder” – 24″ x 20″

“Radiant”  30″ x 17″