BeFunky Collage (19)

Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

Spanish Artist Pejac is mostly known for his amazing street art in various cities around the world, of his dark shadowy figures and sometimes caustic, sometimes poetic, but always highly imaginative themes. This time, however, the artist’s project was indoors instead of outdoors and rather than walls, Pejac used windows as his canvas.

In his latest work, Pejac chose to honor French high-wire walker Philippe Petit on the anniversary of his walk between the Twin Towers in New York, by creating a tiny dark silhouette on his window that seems to be walking on an airplane contrail in the sky outside. This essentially simple, yet visually intriguing piece of art is only a part of Pejac’s older series of similar optical illusions that use window views as the perfect surroundings for their tiny protagonists to interact with.

via colossal

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