By Jonathan Mayer for Art-Sheep

Tjalf Sparnaay is a Dutch selftaught megarealist painter, composer and photographer born on 1954.

Ordinary, everyday food like French fries, hamburgers, sandwiches even fried eggs is the main topic of Tjalf Sparnaay oil paintings. He achieves to present them as something beyond its reality, something more than it is, something big and magical, like the taste of them after a long day without have eating anything. While we watch his paintings our mouth starts waterin

Mr Sparnaay says about his work ;

”My paintings are intended to enable the viewer to experience the reality again, again letting discover the essence of the object that has become so commonplace.
I want to return to the DNA of the universal structure in all its beauty. ”

The prices for his original works range from £15,000 to over £90,000
Bellow we present you a part of his Mega Realism series which started in 1987

Be sure not to be on a diet while watching them


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This video is shot in Sparnaay’s studio and reveals some great details of his 4 paintings he did for a Bernarducci.Meiselshow in New York, June 2013.
He composed the music himself in Logic, using East West samples.


Solo Exhibitions

2015    Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York, USA
2015    Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, the Netherlands, still-life retrospective
2009    Plus One Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2007    OK Harris Works of Art, New York, USA
2002    Gallery Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
1997    -2002 Tjalf Sparnaay Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1994    Smelik and Stokking Gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands
1992    Siau Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1991    Siau Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1990    Siau Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1989    Society Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1988    Via Gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands

Group Exhibitions:

2014    Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada, ‘Photorealism’
2014    Collectie Harms Rolde, Pan, Amsterdam
2014    Mark Peet Visser Gallery, ‘s Hertogenbosch ‘Realisme’
2014    Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York, ‘Winter White’
2013    Collectie Harms Rolde, PAN Amsterdam
2013    Mark peet Visser Gallery, ‘s Hertogenbosch groupshow
2013    Bernarducci Meisel, New York, Groupshow
2013    Galerie Mark Peet Visser Art 2013 Utrecht
2013    Galerie Mark Peet Visser Realisme ’13 Amsterdam
2012    Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada ‘ Beyond Realism’, a Photorealism  retrospective show
2012    Reinisch Contemporary Art, Graz, Austria ‘ Contemporary Stillive’
2012    OK Harris Works Of Art, New York, annual review of the season
2012    Plus One Gallery London, London’s Calling
2012    Collectie Harm Rolde, Pan Amsterdam
2011    Collectie Harms Rolde, PAN Amsterdam
2011    OK Harris Works Of Art, New York, annual review of the season
2011    PlusOne Gallery London,’Bon Apetit’, groupshow
2011    PlusOne Gallery London, 10 years Anniversaryshow
2011    PlusOne Gallery London, Wintershow
2010    Scott Richards Contemporary Art, SanFransisco, ‘Sweet Tooth’, a groupshow
2010    Collectie Harms Rolde, PAN Amsterdam
2010    OK Harris Works of Art, New York : Review of the season, groupshow
2010    Collectie Harms Rolde ‘Dutch Art Now’, National Arts Club, New York
2010    Collectie Harms Rolde ‘Realisme ’10, Amsterdam
2010    Collectie Harms Rolde Artantique Utrecht groupshow
2009    PlusOne Gallery London Groupshow
2009    Collectie Harms Rolde Pan Amsterdam
2009    Fresno Metropolitan Museum, Fresno – California: I Want Candy: The Sweet Stuff in American Art
2009    PlusOne Gallery,groupsshow Exactitude V booklaunch, London
2009    Collectie Harms Rolde, Realisme 09
2008    OK Harris Works of Art, annual review of the season
2008    Collectie Harms Rolde PAN Amsterdam
2008    Collectie Harms Rolde, Realisme 08
2008    Plus One Gallery, London, Art London
2008    Collectie Harms Rolde, Open Art Fair
2007    Collectie Harms Rolde, PAN, Amstedam,
2007    PlusOne Gallery, Art London
2007    OK Harris Works ofArt, annual review of the season
2007    Hudson River Museum, New York, USA
2007    Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2007    Bernaducci. Meisel. Gallery, New York,USA
2007    Collectie Harms Rolde, Realisme 07, Amsterdam
2006    Collectie Harms Rolde, PAN, Amsterdam
2006    Plus One Gallery, Art Fair London
2006    Plus One Gallery, Exactitude III, London
2006    OK Harris, Annual review of the season, New York, USA
2006    Gallery Honingen, Gouda, The Netherlands
2006    Gallery Utrecht, Realisme 06, Amsterdam
2006    Gallery Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2005    Gallery Utrecht, Realisme 05, Amsterdam
2005    O.K. Harris, Annual review of the season, New York, USA
2005    OK Harris, Affordable Art Fair, New York, USA
2004    Gallery Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2004    O.K. Harris, Annual review of the season, New York, USA
2003    Gallery Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2003    O.K. Harris, Annual review of the season, New York, USA
2002    O.K. Harris, Annual review of the season, New York, USA

Selected Collections:

Sydney and Walda Besthoff Collection, New Orleans, LA, USA
Mickey Huibregtsen Collection, Amsterdam/Bussum, The Netherlands
NCM Collection, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jacob Gelt Dekker Collection, Curacao
Hetterschijt Collection, The Netherlands
Heineken Collection, Amsterdam
Joop en Janine van den Ende Collection
Anton Dreesman Collection, Miami
Collection Ivan- and Marilyn Karp, New York
Geilenkirchen Collection, Hong Kong
Vanhorick collection, The Netherlands


Monography: Closer – The megarealism of Tjalf Sparnaay,  Waanders, Zwolle 2014
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Exactitude III, Catalogue groupshow PlusOne Gallery 2006
Catalogue Hudson River Museum New York ‘I Want Candy’,
‘Delicious Still Life Paintings’ Bernarducci Meisel Gallery New York, Groupshow ‘Culinary Arts; 3 – 26 May 2007
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Hundreds of online papers/magazine from all over the world


Finally, here is a video of  Tjalf Sparnaay painting on his work ‘Vermeer’s Milkmaid wrapped in plastic’ 2013

Tjalf Sparnaay’s

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