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Industrial designer William Root created the coolest and most beautiful prosthetic leg you’ve ever seen.

Exo Prosthetic Leg combines design, structural strength and lightweight construction.┬áThe weblike exo-skeleton is custom-made for each wearer. After the corresponding intact limb is scanned, the imaged is then mirrored with rendering software. The replacement limp is then 3D printed, while an array of pattern and color choices allow patients to further personalize the final product. Root’s vision on prosthetic engineering, is this of a more personal, affordable and aesthetic process, as the designer wants the wearer to be involved in the making of something that is going to become a part of his body. Molded from laser-sintered titanium into an intricate frame of interlocking shapes, this prosthetic limb is an example of minimalist elegance.

This 3D printing-enabled technique is a way that can dramatically reinvent prosthetic limbs. The customer’s involvement and the designer’s visionary point of view definitely put an emphasis on offering the wearer an aesthetic prosthetic leg that will also be comfortable. Let’s hope this innovative take is the future in prosthetic engineering.

via mymodernmet


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