by Maria Sofou

Meet Babybod, a small intravaginal device that allows pregnant mothers to play music to their unborn babies!

Truly unconventional, Babybod looks like a silicone tampon equipped with a speaker: scientifically guaranteed, it promises to offer the first shared experience between a mother and her baby and the child’s first musical and learning experience. According to the creators, when fetuses are played music through the mother’s abdomen (with the use of headphones for example), part of the sound is scattered in the environment so the baby will just hear a murmur. On the other hand, by being placed inside the vagina, Babybod overcomes the barrier formed by the abdominal wall and the baby can hear sounds with almost as much intensity and clarity as when emitted.

“Babypod emerged within an important research line carried out by Institut Marquès on the effects of music from the beginning of life. Music has many benefits for the human brain, including acting as a stimulus for learning and it plays an important role in the sphere of social comunication. Stimulating babies through music in their first months of life has positive effects on brain development; if this is so, why not give your baby the benefits of music starting before birth?,” the creators explain.

Definitely not your average gadget! What do you think?