Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Japanese stone sculptor Hirotoshi Itoh works using various stones found at a riverbank near his home in Japan and creates many different playful sculpted pieces out of a very difficult material.

His ability to make these works look soft and flexible is one of the things that make his work so interesting and unique. In order to create from mouths to little knitted jumpers, Itoh combines his fine arts degree with his experience as a mason in the most fitted way. Apart from the stones, the sculptor uses traditional stone masonry equipment like saws and chisels to transform rocks like granite and marble into the beautiful details that complete his work.

All of Itoh’s impressive creations are a fine example of surrealistic sculpture that despite the hardness of the stones used, express a feeling of warmth through their humorous appearance.

 hirotoshi-ito_beautiful-bizarre_009 hirotoshi-ito_beautiful-bizarre_010 hirotoshi-ito_beautiful-bizarre_011 hirotoshi-ito_beautiful-bizarre_013 hirotoshi-ito_beautiful-bizarre_015 hirotoshi-itoh_beautiful-bizarre_001 hirotoshi-itoh_beautiful-bizarre_002 hirotoshi-itoh_beautifulbizarre_03 hirotoshi-itoh_beautifulbizarre_004 hirotoshi-itoh_beautifulbizarre_011 hirotoshi-itoh_beautiful-bizarre_017