BeFunky Collage (6)

Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

Admittedly, there are a lot of pictures of babies around the Internet, by professionals and non-professionals alike. And it makes sense, right? Babies are cute and cute pictures are always fun to look at. There is a French photographer, however, that chooses to portray babies in a completely different light.

Christian Berthelot has been very interested in the appearance of infants just as the they emerge after a Ceasarean section, ever since he saw his own son being born in the same way. In his series Ceasar, with the help of obstetrician Dr. Jean-Francois Morievnal, after months of training and permissions from all those involved, the photographer captures the figures of forty new born babies as they look like in the first seconds of their lives.

Blood-covered and a little eerie, his young models have resulted in his photographs receiving controversial reviews, but the artist insists that his works illustrate the fine line between creation and destruction, the fragility, violence and beauty of birth alike. He proceeds to assure that all of his subjects have survived the experience and that all mothers participating have been offered a photograph of their babies to remember this valuable experience.