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After a teenage James Harrison received a blood donation for a chest operation in 1951, he felt so grateful that he decided to be a donor himself as soon as he became of age. Little did he know that when the time came, his blood donation would not only save the life of one person, but millions. When the doctors first examined Harrison’s blood they discovered that it contained the special antibodies needed for the creation of a much-needed vaccine that would cure Rhesus disease-a condition, that until then had been causing mothers’ blood to attack their babies’ blood cells.

After weekly blood donations for about 60 years, this man known as “The Man with the Golden Arm,”  has already saved the lives of 2 million babies, one of which was his own grandson. Now, as his donations draw to an end, people have only to hope that someone with blood that contains a similar antibody will selflessly and generously follow in Harrison’s footsteps an take his place as a donor.

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