Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

If you are a very busy person, that needs to be able to accurately keep track of time during the day, then Midnight Planétarium, Van Cleef & Arpels and Christiaan van der Klaauw‘s luxurious new timepiece is definitely not for you. The reason: this incredible wristwatch does not tell time, but rather features six planets of our solar system as they rotate around the sun. This three-year project of 396 parts, containing precious and semi-precious stones to represent the planets, also gives its owners the option of selecting a “lucky day”, when once every year the earth falls under the star painted on the watch’s bezel.

Naturally, waiting to discern movement on such a timepiece can be quite tricky and, ironically, time-consuming, as Mercury, the planet with the fastest and shortest orbit around the Sun, takes 88 days to make a full rotation. Following are: Venus (every 224 days), Earth (every 365 days), Mars (every 687 days), Jupiter (every 12 years) and Saturn (every 29 years), with Uranus and Neptune excluded, as it would take 84 and 164 years for them, respectively, to orbit the Sun. For those of you who do not mind the wait, it is important to know first, that this astronomical watch, also comes at an astronomical price and that is no other than the spectacular number of $245,000!

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