by Agape Charmani

Anna Volpi is a Mantua, Italy-based photographer. In her series Flower, the photographer opens a discussion about a controversial issue, the existence of menstruation. Unfortunately, it’s a topic less debated over as it remains a taboo for men and women all around the world. Women are often ashamed of their period blood, while the majority of men are disgusted by it.

In a society that creates, records and  recreates all forms of violence and images of blood, period blood would never be shown on the media or social media, and would probably not be discussed publicly. “In some countries women are forced to stay away from others during their period, and in places where they go about their normal business, nobody talks about menstruation or exposes it. Even commercials use blue liquid to represent red blood. We see so much blood due to violence, yet shy away from a natural occurrence of the female body. I photographed my menstruation because it is beautiful and I don’t think it should be hidden,” the photographer told Art-Sheep.

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