Hint: Only Keanu Reeves (for reasons unknown) is a Cross Dresser


Oh, so much can be said about the renaissance. About the artists that shined in that era and the spectacular volume of worthy art they produced. So much can be said about the people portrayed in our photo-list bellow. But let’s not beat this one around the bush. There is no reason for a deep analysis.

It’s just a funny contest titled “Modern Renaissance”. A contest created in Design Crowd (formerly Worth1000), where artists came together in a Photoshop battle.

And while the contest is dubbed “Modern Renaissance” don’t be confused if you stumble upon a painting of the Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassicism periods.

There is no need to quibble over terminology after all. The whole reason of the contest is to have a bit of fun. And with all jokes aside, most of the selections you are going to check out bellow are really spot on!