by Agape Charmani

Crajes is an artist duo formed by Carla Rendon and Jessica Ruiz. Known for their pale paintings and the depiction of the female figure, in the series “Insania”, Crajes focus on the concept of awareness.

Their melancholic characters are human beings who’ve lost their identity and begin a journey of self-exploration, as they search for their soul and purpose of existence. The female body becomes the canvas of a pure approach in finding one’s self, while the body itself stands as a versital container of thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Despite its innocence, a Crajes character explores both its good and dark side. As Rendon and Ruiz state on their website, the “female figure is the focus of their art. Beauty and fragility of their work don’t hide the more dark, grotesque and direct side of it.”

 crajescats can-you-breathe-by-crajes-2015-e1429717536548 are-you-sorrowful-by-crajes-2015-e1429717525173 are-you-sick-by-crajes-2015-e1429717721217 tumblr_nm1qha0Wub1qz6f9yo1_1280 are-you-real-by-crajes-2015-e1429717614122 are-you-ready-by-crajes-2015-e1429717508483 are-you-pure-by-crajes-2015-e1429717753311 are-you-marked-by-crajes-2015-e1429717593129 are-you-hungry-by-crajes-2015-e1429717696146 are-you-fracturing-by-crajes-2015-e1429717581686 are-you-empty-by-crajes-2015-e1429717677880 are-you-blind-by-crajes-2015-e1429717626310 tumblr_nm1qha0Wub1qz6f9yo4_1280 tumblr_nm1qha0Wub1qz6f9yo3_500