Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

In his photography series Scenes, American photographer Barry Underwood unites bucolic, natural beauty with the eeriness of man-made interventions and photographic effects. For his beautiful pictures, the artist chooses places of great natural beauty, such as lakes, forests and rivers and alters them with LED lights and luminescent materials, creating beautiful, ethereal installations that he proceeds to capture in long exposure shots.

As stated by the artist himself, “By reading the landscape and altering the vista through lights and photographic effects, I transform everyday scenes into unique images. Light and color alter the perception of space, while defamiliarizing common objects. Space collapses, while the lights that I install appear as intrusions and interventions. This combination renders the forms in the landscape abstract. Inspired by cinema, land art, and contemporary painting, the resulting photographs are both surreal and familiar. They suggest a larger narrative, and yet that narrative remains elusive and mystifying.”

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