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All images by Thomas Roma | Courtesy of the Howard Greenberg gallery


Mondo Cane is a new set of portraits by American photographer, Thoma Roma. Roma’s new series of portraits is a bit different than his previous works. The photographer usually draws his influence from the simple and the daily, exploring neighborhoods and taking photos of their residents.

For this series, not only is he not taking photos of people, but he is even not taking photos of the physical presence of his models. This time his subjects are no other than these adorable dogs, whose only instruction probably was to “act naturally”. After mounting his camera to an eight-foot pole, Roma projects his lens over and above the dogs and controls the shutter through a long cable release.

From that perspective he gets a distorted shadow formation, making every shadow look like a cave drawing. The photographer captures their shadows while they run, jump or sit, and creates a simple and raw portraiture of his little canine friends.

via designboom

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