BeFunky Collage (16)

Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

Confronting aesthetic norms and the collective perception of bigger bodies, Nothing to Lose, a modern dance piece has been created by Australian Dance company Force Majeur’s choreographer Kate Champion, along with Kelli Jean Drinkwater, known fat activist and artist. This artistic project aims to bring forth the potential of larger bodies, setting aside society’s prejudice, discrimination, not to mention exclusion of plus-sized people and display the beauty and grace of their figures.

Intrigued by the idea and its possibilities, photographer Toby Burroughs, expressed his interest in joining the project by taking press pictures of the performance, and though at first viewed with some reluctance on the part of Drinkwater and the performers, he managed to become an important member of the team. Intending to capture the strength and grace of their forms, avoiding the comedic connotations sometimes applied by society, Burroughs explains that his portraits aim at capturing the beauty of each body, rather than necessarily making a statement.“It was  about capturing a unique and unexpected series of images that creates an interest and discussion. Isn’t this the purpose of art?”, he adds.

via featureshoot