by Maria Sofou

Charlotte Abramow is a young photographer from Belgium. She gets inspired by the world around her and they way people and things interact with each other. Her passion for photography blends beautifully with her talent and imagination, as she explores her subjects. Focusing on the human body and its form, Abramow creates smart photographic works that stand out.

Her series The Real Boobs is a celebration of women’s breasts in every form and shape: Abramow shows the diversity and the beauty that lies in every woman’s chest by capturing all kinds of breasts next to pairs of fruits that resemble them. The aim of the project? “All boobs are good”!

“This is a project about boobs. I mean, the real ones. I’ve always found fun to watch and compare boobs with my friends. The differences are amazing and every breast is unique. I wanted to show it, with fun, colors and fruits. Fruits are different too, and we all eat them because they are good. All boobs are good,” the photographer explains.


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