Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

The most amazing camp in the world exists and is the perfect destination for families that want to teach their children about gender fluidity.

In addition to providing an educational and freeing experience, every year on the last night of a relaxing week, the camp hosts a fashion show where the little attendees walk the catwalk in clothes they chose to wear. For years, photographer Lindsay Morris has been documenting the experience of the many campers’ that have stayed in this beautiful camp. According to what the photographer told the Huffington Post, the camp’s work is to help children understand gender fluidity and discuss unexpected prejudices that can arise at school and in everyday life outside of the house.

“Children are affected by anti-gay prejudice and adults have a responsibility to address it. They have this innate ability and eagerness to have honest conversations, and when these discussions are presented in a non-judgmental fashion, the children benefit,” she says.

Apart from a courageous and empowering work, Morris’ documentation of this experience is at least liberating. Seeing young kids being themselves is one of the most beautiful things a photographer can capture.


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