BeFunky Collage (29)

Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

No one can deny that children of this day and age have been brought up amidst an array of technological devices. Complex gadgets whose existence past generations couldn’t even dream of are mere toys in the hands of modern kids, that not only learn to use them from a very young age, but also seem to be their proud owners in an inappropriately early in life, as well.

The fact that modern children spend too much time in front of TV (and other) screens is demonstrated through Donna Stevens’ collection of photographs, titled Idiot Box. In this series, Stevens captures her young models against bare backgrounds in dimly lit rooms, their expressionless faces and empty looks illuminated by nothing but the television light. Through this project the artist aims to emphasize the dangers of constant exposure to technology for youngsters and the effects they might have on their health and development, resulting in an amusing, though simultaneously quite thought-provoking set of photos.

via featureshoot

Idiotbox_Datsun Idiotbox_Cassidy Idiotbox_Emmeline Idiotbox_Mila Idiotbox_Nico Idiotbox_Rhys