by Agape Charmani

Fine China is getting a new, bad look in the hands of Kris Aaron and Andy Walker who decorate China dishes with explicit images and phrases.

As they describe on their website, they are just “two Toronto boys making your Grandma’s china, favorite knick-knacks and tchotchkes just a little bit more gay.”

The truth is, if something would get an award for the gayest thing ever it would be their work. “Fag”, “Total Top” and “Shit Stain” are only a few of the messages one can find on Pansy Ass Ceramics’ objects. Apart from their slogans, their sexual images become a symbol of the neo-kitsch era and the the LGBTQ culture.

Designed with a lot of humor, Aaron and Walker’s series is the work we would like to have in our living room during a family dinner, while the duo also managed to create the right visualization the word gay.

 babybirdJPG BallLick Boots GroupFun1_Uncensored GroupFun2_Uncensored IMG_2210  Kris-Aaron-and-Andy-Walker-Illustration-1IMG_9697 Kris-Aaron-and-Andy-Walker-Illustration-2 Kris-Aaron-and-Andy-Walker-Illustration-4 Kris-Aaron-and-Andy-Walker-Illustration-5 Kris-Aaron-and-Andy-Walker-Illustration-6


Kris-Aaron-and-Andy-Walker-Illustration-8 missionaryUN Nicki