Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Debra Broz is a Los Angeles-based ceramic artist who reinvents the kitschy art of home decor as brilliantly freakish animal sculptures.

Broz creates hybrid animals that at a glancelook cute and innocent, but there is actually something creepy about them. After finding old ceramics pieces, Broz creates new works, by reassembling the parts. From heads to bows, the artist chooses her pieces carefully, as every little detail makes a difference. The impeccable work she does, leaves the viewers in awe, while some of them can’t even notice what is wrong with these bizarre little sculptures.

“The thing is, it all depends on perception. Though kitsch may act as if it is the antithesis of fine art, if you start trying to analyze it you run into many of the same complex issues you would if you were analyzing fine art. Personally, I enjoy the intellectual play that is part of analyzing objects. It seems funny to me that people desire to take content away from things rather than explore it. Part of what makes the world interesting is how complex it is, and I’d rather have the complexity, with all its difficulty, than a watered-down, idealized and simplified version. That is part of why I’m interested in kitsch. If you really start looking into it, it is just laden with references,” says Boz in an interview, commenting on her work.

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