Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

Please, do not continue to read this article, unless you’re on a full stomach. New York-based food photographer Beth Galton, with the help of food stylist Charlotte Omnès, are the creators of a series of photographs that are going to make your mouths water. Cut Food, displays various favorite food items cut in half and photographed with great precision, making them look all the more appetizing.

The two food lovers, have worked fastidiously into capturing the snacks exactly as they would be when cut in half, a project with different levels of difficulty, as the consistency of some soups and beverages made it impossible for them to keep them intact. Employing all the means in their possession, namely Omnès’ gelatin trick for solidifying liquids in their containers, the duo present us with pictures as interesting as they are tempting.

Characteristically, Galton states: “This series was inspired by an assignment in which we were asked to cut a burrito in half for a client. Normally for a job, we photograph the surface of food, occasionally taking a bite or a piece out, but rarely the cross section of a finished dish. By cutting these items in half we move past the simple appetite appeal we normally try to achieve and explore the interior worlds of these products.”

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