They tried being unique and innovative. They failed.

“We Want Plates”! That we do.

There is an online community with that name “we want plates”, and its members do a fantastic job of posting the weirdest stuff they see in restaurants.

While innovation, inspiration or the effort to be innovated or create something inspired should never be discourages…well, frankly, some of these entries are straight up disgusting. They should be served with a sign that reads “Vomit Alert”.

Seriously, who serves food inside a shoe or a urinal, of all things!

I know it would be a herculean task from me, not to vomit if I was ever served in some of the ways bellow. It is difficult managing my composure seeing these things from my poc monitor.

To sum up, here is a list, of restaurants trying to be unique and inspired. They failed. Who would say otherwise?

So “Vomit Alert” and bon appetite, I guess.

#1 Self-Aware Absurdity? Apple Pastry Desert Served On An Image Of A Plate…. On An iPad

Image source: cheekyjan

#2 My Bread Served Inside Roadkill

Image source: urdsrevenge

#3 So These Motherf**** Actually Gave Me A Plate… Upside Down

Image source: Jotapeme

#4 Cheese Foam That Is Spooned Onto The Back Of Your Hand By The Waiter And Then You Have To Lick It Off

Image source: prisongovernor

#5 A Meringue Served On A Magnetically Levitated Pillow

Image source: Couldnt_think_of_a

It took over 5 minutes for them to get the pillow to hover. I nearly fell asleep.

#6 “I Put Fries In An Enclosed Bowl So They Steam And Get Soggy” – Some Prick Cook

Image source:

#7 My Boyfriend Was Just Served A Bloody Mary In A Fry Basket

Image source: I_Crush_Your_Head

#8 Curry On A Chopping Board

Image source: skelto

#9 Saw This On Twitter

Image source: WafleFries

#10 Ravioli On A Clothesline, As You Do

Image source: corkboy

#11 I Guess I’m Not Supposed To Eat My Soup?

Image source: Sodi_Popss

#12 This Is The Most Awful Thing Ever. Broccoli Impaled On A Metal… Thing?

Image source: juangutip

#13 Self Cleaning Bowl

Image source: WeWantPlates

#14 It Has A Plate… But Still

Image source: Realwomprat

#15 Fish Are Friends, Not Food

Image source: dr_harlequin

#16 Raspberry Ice Cream On A Twig, In A Hole Drilled Into A Rock

Image source: neo3237

#17 I Was Served 3 Chips On A Log

Image source: Hey_nice_marmot_

#18 Love It When Sand Gets In My Soup

Image source: WeWantPlates

#19 Pizza Served On Hooks

Image source: Go_Blue_

#20 Horrifying

Image source: TheBeatles2

#21 This Dessert Trend Needs To Stop

Image source: ochad

#22 Your Food Directly From The Shovel To The Table

Image source: WeWantPlates

#23 Pizza On A Snowboard

Image source: HarryFlashman1927

#24 Why?????

Image source: dayzdai

#25 My Wife’s Cocktail Was Served In A Hollow Stone And Had To Be Drunk Through The Hole, Without A Straw

Image source: MrMagicMoves

#26 My Parents Sent Me This Picture From Their Vacation In Italy

Image source: MajesticHoneydew

#27 So I Went To Eat Hot Pot Today…

Image source: brokenankleZ

#28 Our Appetizer In A Shoe. They Refused My Request To Try It On Or Take It Home.

Image source: adullploy

#29 Someone I Know Got Her Food On Some Kind Of Bone

Image source: tsjoepvdv

#30 Literaly 6 Nachos For The Whole Table

Image source: mmonzeob