Some rules are in place because they had to be put in place.
The speed limit, for example, or the legal drinking age.
Meanwhile, some policies have backfired spectacularly, making those who enacted them regret their actions.

However, there are some rules that are self-evident.
They aren’t written about in books, and they aren’t sanctioned by legislation, but they nonetheless rule our daily lives.
This simple “common sense” is also referred to as “unwritten rules,” and it refers to common behavioral limits that we all accept.

Things include never making light of someone else’s laugh or not swiping sideways when someone exhibits a picture on their phone.
It may appear strange, yet many people swear by it!
People on the internet have published more unsaid norms, which you can find below.




Never ever make fun of someone who is overweight at the gym.Image credits: hrpeanut


When I show you a singular picture on my phone, don’t ever try to swipe left or right.Image credits: dane006


You having a bad day doesn’t mean that you have to ruin other people’s day.Image credits: iSpectral


Always let people out before walking in. This applies to elevators, trains, or anything similar.Image credits: Huomenna


If someone comes up to you that you don’t know starts loudly talking about being your friend you play alongImage credits: Narutophanfan1


If you’re wrong, admit it.Image credits: BammaLamb


Be the person your dog thinks you are.Image credits: Howzieky


Maintain personal hygiene regularlyImage credits: BammaLamb



If someone is giving you a ride, be ready before the person arrives to pick you up.Image credits: hank_moo_d


We don’t fight at weddings.Image credits: johnboy2978


Don’t play your music out loud when in public.

For example: While walking down the street or sitting on a bus one should not be blasting music on their personal device. Buy a pair of damn headphones.Image credits: AnonymousBrownsFan


Be patient with the elderly unless they’re being [jerks]Image credits: soomuchcoffee


Pay people back before they have to ask you to.Image credits: AFilmCricket


Don’t wear white to a wedding, and don’t propose at someone’s wedding. I’m sure this sucks to hear, but that is not your day. Don’t be a d*ck.Image credits: katm3s


Don’t bother someone with headphones in unless it’s important. They have headphones in for a reason.Image credits: reddit


Life isn’t fair and thank goodness – imagine the horror of knowing that every bad thing that happened to you happened because you deserved it.


Common sense ain’t that common, so explain things in the simplest manner you possibly can.Image credits: billyK_


For women: always have an extra pad or tampon on you. You never know when another woman might desperately need it. You may not like her, but this is your one exception to be nice. We’ve all been there.Image credits: reddit


Don’t [frigging] cheat on your SO. It’s not cool. If you wanna f**k someone else, break up with your SO first instead of being a secretive c**t.

Happens way too often.Image credits: reddit


If someone holds a door open for you, then please acknowledge them or say thank you. I’m not your servant.


Chew with your mouth closed.Image credits: d**k-nipples


If a friend buys you a drink you don’t pay it back you just buy the next roundImage credits: reddit


Dont hit on women when they’re at work. They’re not flirting, theyre just being nice, it’s their job.


Never say something to someone you love that you can’t recover from in the heat of an argument. You love that person for a reason.


If someone clearly doesn’t want to talk to you or needs to be somewhere else, let them be.Image credits: reddit


If you borrow a friend’s car, fill up the tank when returning it as a thank you.Image credits: BNovus


Always say please and thank you. Good to do it until it becomes second nature. Most people know this, but not everyone does it.


Never ask a woman if she’s pregnantImage credits: jhurls2323


If you’re going to ask someone to help you move, please have all the boxes already packed and ready to go.Image credits: kerryb1989


Don’t point out things about someone if they can’t change it in the span of the next 5 minutes.Image credits: Unmtachingsocks


If you’re walking side by side on a sidewalk and someone comes towards you, f**king make room.


If you can smell yourself it’s too late.


When you’re finished in the bathroom: Don’t shut the door fully! I don’t want to be waiting to use the bathroom for ages because it appears it’s occupied even though it isn’t.


We have an ABC mantra at work:

Assume nothing.

Believe nobody.

Check everything.


After applying restraints to objects in the flatbed of a truck, saying “Yep, that’s not goin’ anywhere” is an absolute necessity.Image credits: FlammableDucks


When driving and someone lets you into the traffic stream, be sure to do the “Thank You Wave.”


If a street performer makes you stop walking, you owe him a buck.


Cover your mouth when you cough with your elbow, not your hands that you will then touch a bunch of stuff with. Applies to sneezes as well. In general, just keep your gross bodily fluid to yourself unless clearly requested to share.Image credits: reddit


For the love of God, just return the shopping cart when you’re done with it


Let the tallest person sit in the passenger seat of the car.


Don’t buy a cheap bed or a cheap pair of shoes. You’ll spend most of your life in one or the other.


Don’t touch me or stand so close to me that I can feel you breathing if I don’t know you!

Seems so simple, but so many people are disrespectful of personal space.


The first time visiting someone’s place you bring something. Anything. Bottle of wine, six-pack, food, origami penguin. Something.