Hillarious and annoying at the same time!


Like all living creatures we all have a good side and a bad side . Sometimes we have to misbehave and get it out of the system as they say. These birds look like they do some annoying things on purpose and personal satisfaction to be honest. If you zoom in their faces trust me you’ll see some satisfaction on those little eyes.

Here are some jerk moments from different kind of birds that will make you rethink somethings especially if you are on the way to own one for a pet!

This Photo Of A Pelican Trying To Eat My Phone

[Screw] This Tree In Particular

Just Try To Frigging Cage Me Again

So.. Did The Bunny Grow Wings And Go To Heaven?

Sometimes When Billy Is With His Friends He Can Be A Bit Mischievous

This Goose Is Fery Angry

Bird Trying To Snack On The Family Pet

This Bird [friggin] Hates Spelling

This Happened

"Is This Cake Batter?!" *dunks Entire Head In*

Who's Laughing Now Ass****?


Basically A Summary Of What Its Like To Own A Bird

This Hawk Has Approximately Zero F**ks To Give About The Bees

It Looks Better On The Floor, Karen

Sister Wanted To Pet Chicken, Chicken Disagreed

“Guess I’ll Nest On This [friggin] Coffee” - Pigeon