by Jonathan Stone

Remember Seth Casteel? The amazing photographer of the underwater babies series? Of course you do, who can forget the faces of these adorable babies when photographed underwater.

Apart from babies, Casteel is known for photographing animals. An animal lover, and a fanatic dog person, Casteel created a series that captures his little friends as they dive into the pool. The result is simply hilarious, as the dogs’ expressions in addition to the water create some of the most fun, humorous images you’ve ever seen.

  diving-dogs-photography10 diving-dogs-photography5 diving-dogs-photography3 diving-dogs-photography1 diving-dogs-photography11 CORALINE_OldeEnglishBulldogge_2years 10931383_10155109017545472_5974740946682487127_n ROCCO_BostonTerrier_7years HERBIE_EnglishBulldog_2years diving-dogs-photography2 REX_Boxer_3years DAGMAR_ChesapeakeBayRetriever_10years OSHI_CockerSpaniel_6years 12196049_10156218558955472_6327887854501336219_n