Scratching our heads over them


It is not uncommon to go a little “wtf?” when you arrive at your hotel. That is if you’ve never been there before. Sites and brochures offer a near perfect experience. Almost always. And it is safe to say that they don’t really deliver, not at 100%, of what they offer in brochures and websites.

While it is common to go a little “wtf?” in this list the entries will make you scratch your head, laugh out loud or scream “WTF!”

And we, are not even there. Imagine how these people felt, when they entered their hotel room and found a bathroom next to the bed with transparent glass serving as a wall. Or the management of the hotel asking them to “not go whoring”. Some probably laughed, some scratched their heads over what the designers and management were thinking while most, it is certain, had a memorable “WTF” moment. Enjoy, les us know which one supprised you the most, and feel free to share your own hotel-wtf experiences.

#1 Me And My Business Partner Decided To Share A Hotel Room In Order To Save Some Money. We Weren’t Expecting This

Image source: HAZMA7

#2 My Non-Smoking Hotel Room Came With A Non-Smoking Ashtray

Image source: cinemabaroque

#3 Chinese Hotel Rules

Image source: code0011

#4 Friend Switched On The Lights In His Hotel Room And Looked Up

Image source: captainhowdy27

#5 I Saw This In A Hotel Office

Image source: fromaarontoashes

#6 In My Hotel Room, I Can Either Close The Closet Or The Bathroom, But Not Both At The Same Time

Image source: whycantusonicwood

#7 This Is On The Bed In My Hotel Room

Image source: StopPre182

#8 I’m Beginning To Think Our Hotel In Cambodia Was A Little Dishonest On Their Flyer About The Amenities

Image source: puritycontrol

#9 The Vent In My Hotel Shower Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

Image source: eddygoombah

#10 As A Frequent Traveler I Get Gifts At Hotel

Image source: Provenzer0

#11 My Hotel Has A Sitting Area With No Possible Way To Access It

Image source: HotelIndiaFoxtrot

#12 Greatest Hotel Name Of All Time

Image source: BunyipPouch

#13 When You’re Feeling Great But Your Hotel Mirror Puts You Back In Check

Image source: spurlockmedia

#14 Hotel I’m Staying At Right Now, Who’s Job Was This? Go Go Gadget Arm

Image source: Chappssss

#15 The Sink In My Hotel Was A Bit… Complicated

Image source: MrGrieves123

#16 The Bin In My Hotel Room

Image source: RustyToad

#17 The Word “Hot” In Hotel Caught On Fire

Image source: Juju_bubs

#18 I Work In A Hotel. We Received This In The Mail Today

Image source: whattheeph

#19 Just Found This At A Hotel I’m Staying. Nice Showcase

Image source: ted1618

#20 My Hotel Likes This Painting So Much They Gave Me Two Of Them

Image source: weissensteinburg

#21 Staying In A Shitty Hotel In New York When

Image source: ohfakit

#22 Both Spelling And The Actual Password For The Wifi At A Hotel Where A Friend Is Staying

Image source: notdanstevens

#23 The Hotel’s Cinema Room Spared No Expense

Image source: syrupdash

#24 So My Friend Is Staying At A Hotel In Minnesota Right Now. Needless To Say, It’s Pretty Cold

Image source: FallenPandaBear

#25 The Kids Were Disappointed, But The Wife And I Laughed All The Way Back To Our Hotel Room

Image source: konahopper

#26 My Parents Just Arrived At Their Hotel In Spain And Sent A Photo Of Their Pool

Image source: putsomecolourson

#27 This Staircase At The Hotel I Was Staying At This Week

Image source: drowse

#28 Staying At A Hotel In Dublin, This Made Me Giggle

Image source: c0ffeeman

#29 I Need To Have A Talk With The Housekeeper At My Hotel

Image source: TheBlindHooligan

#30 The Motel Advertised That They Had A Pool. They Did Not Mention That It Was Filled With Gravel

Image source: ExHoki

#31 When You Ask The Hotel For An Extra Bed For Your Boy And They Give This

Image source: phonekyaw27

#32 For Some Amazing Reason, My Hotel Room Is Lethal Weapon 2 Themed

Image source: xcampkillx

#33 This Hotel Is Very… Accommodating

Image source: acrawf1

#34 Found The Most Useless Cabinet At My Hotel

Image source: Jwags420

#35 Don’t Think The Owner Of This Hotel Thought This Through

Image source: mediagarden

#36 The Housekeeping Cart At My Hotel Is A Stolen Shopping Cart

Image source: PresentBeverage

#37 “Art” In A Hotel Lobby. Apparently, I’ve Been Making Masterpieces In The Shower For Years

Image source: one4buffett

#38 Exactly The Art I Don’t Want Hanging In My Hotel Room

Image source: Chopchopchops

#39 These Hotel Room Directions

Image source: phoenix772

#40 Visiting Denver… Hotel Agent Said Our Room Has A Great View Of The Capital Building

Image source: cmitchrun

#41 This Hostel In Bangkok Forbids All Of My Favorite Things

Image source: SirRichardPumpALoaf

#42 We Are Travelling Around North Vietnam, A Couple Of Our Rooms Have Had No Windows. The Hanoi Hotel We Just Checked Into Promised Me There Was A Window In The Room They Kept For Me. I Guess They Weren’t Lying

Image source: FerretFarm

#43 Traveling In Italy Can Be Surprisingly Awesome

Image source: mosithetraveler

#44 I’m At The G Spot Of The Hotel

Image source: lalo230

#45 World Map In A Chinese Hotel

Image source: canausernamebetoolon