Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Korean artist Jieun Park created a series of abstract urban landscapes, taking her influence and inspiration by her travels and the state of loneliness sightseeing leaves you with.

Her abstract brushstrokes function as windows to beautiful cities of the world. From a distance, the paintings look like just an artistic expression using techniques like dripping, coloring and splatting. However, upon closer inspection, the viewer discovers beautiful  citycapes, emerging from dark fields of color, and has the chance to explore their details.

As the artist says, “My personal feelings are described as under-painted ink marks which are instinctively spread and dropped on the surface. As I create relatively realistic images of the city within the abstract ink marks, I try to record ourselves in this fast changing city and its double sidedness where colorful impression coexists with loneliness.”

via mymodernmet

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