Google Street View is a glorious thing, isn’t it? “Big Brother” conspiracy theories, rumors and speculations aside. From your desktop, you can be “transported” almost immediately, almost anywhere in the world. Exotic places, famous landmarks – you name it. Within a few seconds I can marvel at the Colosseum or get lost in the narrow street of old Algiers. I can take a stroll in central London; I can witness a hare crossing the street by jumping, like a gazillion feet high… I can stare a curious cat right in the snot or…take a look at a cute dog pooping?

To sum up, yes, it’s glorious! But we will leave out for now the allure that exotic places and famous landmarks present. We will focus on the hares that possess the athletic ability of Usain Bolt. On the curious cats. On the dogs…pooping.

So here is a list, of funny animals captured by Google Street View