Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

Photographer Ariana Page Russell uses her art to capture and creatively exploit her skin condition in a series of visually intriguing pictures. Dermatographia or “skin writing” is a condition affecting approximately 5% of the global population and is characterized by inflammation of the skin when stroked or scratched, which means that lightly grazing the skin can create raised markings that naturally disappear after 15 to 30 minutes.

The Brooklyn-based photographer captures these interesting temporary skin drawings, illustrating through this reference, her notion that “bodies communicate abstractly, through sounds and sensations”. Interestingly, she also uses manipulated pictures of her flushed flesh to create homemade impermanent tattoos, that she in turn incorporates in her photo series.In her blog Skin Tome, the artist has given other people who share her condition the chance to share their own stories and get in touch with her art , as a way of mutual inspiration and comments that,“It’s been hugely rewarding and the best part of my art-making thus far. I’m accepting submissions from people who are inspired by skin and want to share their story.”

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