Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

ErAn Croitoru is a photographer and an animator. With many years of experience, he has created from commercials to TV shows for children.

In his latest project Croitoru has combined the worlds of advertising and children’s shows, to create a series of animated photography in which various common objects live their lives as they’ve never had before.

These silent characters of the background here get the action they deserve. Croitoru seems to have asked his models what they would like to do and simply granted their wish.

The photographer uses all kinds of objects, from chess pawns to power towers, and gives them the plot he thinks they deserve. “When we take a moment to think of these things, the candles that light vigils for us and our friends, the hammers and nails, the grumpy pots, the glorious flowers, we see the life and color behind what we take for granted.”

via boredpanda

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