No, you are not looking at photos of a very serious man who just had a paint fight with his toddler brother. You are not looking at photos of a man who is very bad at body painting. You are not looking at photos of a man, period. You are looking at the hyperrealistic self-portrait paintings of Spanish artist Eloy Morales.

Eloy Morales is a 40yo artist, based in Madrid, Spain who began painting at just four years old and has had exhibitions in Spain, France, Italy and England, even across the pond, in Mexico and New York.

It is quite obvious that Morales’ mind-bending self-portraits demand a lot of work and concentration, that is why every painting takes around a whole month (eight hours per day) to complete,.

“I’m very disciplined, but I need to be to develop my work. I’ve got my studio separate from my home so I can concentrate, I need to be alone while painting.“ Morales said. “I try to show my inner world in my work. My images are explicit but they talk of senses and the non physical. My ambition is to continue to dedicate my live to paint every day, it was my dream since i was a child – it’s my passion.“