Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

Have you ever imagined what the world would seem like if you were tiny and even everyday household objects looked like immense constructions towering over your head? In the case of artist Rómulo Celdrán, imagination is turned into reality, in the form of a series of ordinary objects re-imagined as large-scale realistic sculptures.In Macro, the artist creates sculptures of items such as ice-cube trays, tubes of paint, hot water bottles or pen caps, often surpassing seven feet in height and providing the viewers with the opportunity to observe details, like bite marks on a pen cap from chewing or the consistency of a burned match, as if seen under a magnifying glass.

The artist states that pop artist Claes Oldenburg’s over-sized sculptures have been his greatest source of inspiration, adding that, “Based on the starting point that he [Oldenburg] suggests, I tried to create my own vision of reality, on one hand based on a personal collection of objects, and on the other, of a meticulously realistic analysis of those fragments.”

via mymodernmet

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