Running Artist Lenny Maughan has suprised us once again with Frida Kahlo’s mapped portrait


If you haven’t heard of Lenny Maughaun and what he does we are here for you. He is a runner that is not running like everybody else in circles or at parks. What he does is so unique and original that it might be the first time you hear about it. He does “Running Art”. What’s that? you might ask. He basically chooses an object or a portait of a famous person he wants to create. He prints out a paper map and highlights his route. While he’s on the road, he must be very careful to follow it otherwise one wrong turn and the mapped picture is ruined. Our favourite one he created is Frida Kahlo’s portait.

<p>Lenny Maughan is an SF runner that creates "Running Art" on Strava. <i>Click through the gallery to see more of his work.</i></p>

This mapped portrait was borned out of a 28.93 mile run, 3,500 feet total elevation change, and a moving time of six hours and eight minutes. He records his route on Strava, a social fitness app that records your latest runs, cycles, and all the stats that come along with it to share with your friends.

“You can’t see the lines drawn until after you finish your run, so it’s such a joyful feeling when you put in all of that work and you finally finish and get to see what you envisioned at the end,” explains Maughan adding “”San Francisco is my canvas. I use the streets as framework for what I want to do, find shapes, and make it work. Kind of like how little kids look up at the clouds.”

Frida Run by Lenny Maughan (July 20, 2019) 28.93 miles, 3,576 ft elevation change Photo: Lenny Maughan/Strava

<p><a href="">Chopsticks</a> by Lenny Maughan (Dec. 15, 2018)</p> <p>15.02 miles, 2,415 ft elevation change</p>

<p><a href="">Pig</a> by Lenny Maughan (Feb. 9, 2019)</p> <p>17.94 miles, 2,238 ft elevation change</p>

<p><a href="">Runner</a> by Lenny Maughan (Nov. 24, 2018)</p> <p>43.30 miles, 4,121 ft elevation change</p>

<p><a href="">Rose</a> by Lenny Maughan (May 26, 2018)</p> <p>24.54 miles, 3,072 ft elevation change</p>

<p><a href="">Mudflap Girl</a> by Lenny Maughan (March 24, 2018)</p> <p>26.56 miles, 4,521 ft elevation change</p>

<p><a href="">Shamrock</a> by Lenny Maughan (March 16, 2019)</p> <p>17.82 miles, 1,969 ft elevation change</p>

<p><a href="">Tongue</a> by Lenny Maughan (Oct. 29, 2017)</p> <p>23 miles, 2,583 ft elevation change</p>

<p><a href="">Barefoot</a> by Lenny Maughan (January 19, 2019)</p> <p>27.16 miles, 2,605 ft elevation change</p>