Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

How can a drag show inspire a guy? If you think cross-dressing is the answer, think again, as Phil Ferguson got inspired into creating crocheted headwear.

The Melbourne-based artist makes large food-shaped hats, so inspired that just looking at them will instantly make you hungry. The artist/model posts photos of him wearing his imaginative creations, taking humorous poses, on his Instagram account. As he mention to the Instagram blog RuPaul’s Drag Race gave him the idea to create something extravagant and different himself, “I started watching the TV shownd got a real appreciation for drag. I was thinking of different sorts of hats that I could create a character with.”

After watching online videos, Ferguson practiced crocheting which apparently is not as time-consuming as it looks. According to the artist, he never plans his designs, he just grabs a yarn and starts working, “I don’t plan or sketch, I just do. I usually sit there for hours on end just so I can finish one hat in a sitting.”

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