From the subreddit “PrettyGirlsUglyFaces”


If you thought of it, there is a subreddit dedicated to it. So there is a subreddit, called PrettyGirlsUglyFaces (subtle). Girls share there, their most beautiful pics, next to the… not so beautiful ones. No makeup, wrong angle, funny faces, you get the gist.

According to urban legend, there are two types of pictures a girl takes. The one she uploads to social media, and the one she sends to her friends. So this is a list comparing the two.



#1 One To Rule Them All

Image source: KennKennyKenKen

#2 Move Over Fiona

Image source: Irishisin

#3 My Mother Told Me I Shouldn’t Keep Posting This Just In Case A Boy Saw. Helloo, Boyz

Image source:

#4 I Don’t Know How It’s Possible

Image source: dm_me_bitchlasagna

#5 I Am Very Proud Of The Photo On The Right

Image source: leggiiiii

#6 Photos Of Me Taken Within The Same Week

Image source: Thomtits

#7 When Someone Says Dinner’s Ready

Image source: unanatkumot

#8 This Face Scares My Dad

Image source: tdyyy92

#9 This Was On The Same Day – The Contrast

Image source: funky_s

#10 Better?

Image source: Rebekahflowers

#11 Gotta Make The Most Of A Good Hair Day

Image source: AliceBunny88

#12 This Is So Embarrassing To Put Out Into The World, But The Photo On The Right Has Brought Tears From Laughter To My Close Friends… So I Wanted To Spread The Joy

Image source: moonshineknox

#13 Expectation V Reality: Exam Season Edition

Image source: Dipitydoodahdipityay

#14 First Time Poster, Finally Somewhere I Can Show Off My Talents

Image source: ashda1st

#15 Monster

Image source: somedumbretard666

#16 Nutria Or Human Female? One Of My Proudest Moments

Image source: rain3y_

#17 Til How Stretchy Noses Are

Image source: hellabathwater

#18 Hey… At Least He Put A Ring On It

Image source: _vika17

#19 Finally Got The Balls To Post My Only Skill. Enjoy

Image source: Howtomakethinhamster

#20 Nightmare Inducing. Enjoy

Image source: messedupmermaid

#21 My Cat And I, Pretending To Be Thumbs

Image source: lazarus_lateralus

#22 I Think I Did Better This Try

Image source: TheWitchofWonderlust

#23 They Said Whitening My Teeth Would Make Me Prettier

Image source: Dipitydoodahdipityay

#24 My Mom Has Always Told Me, “My Daughter, You’re Very Pretty, But You Make Some Ugly Faces”

Image source: prettylittlenutter

#25 When Your Coworker Actually Thinks The Person On The Left Is A Completely Different Person From The One On The Right (True Story – He Thought The Person On The Right Was A New Hire)

Image source: isavibe

#26 Post Gym vs. Post Shower… It’s A Pitty I Lose All That Volume

Image source: PaleMakeup

#27 My Dad Walked In As I Was Capturing The Ugly

Image source:

#28 Good Angles And Lighting Are Everything

Image source: maddykerr7

#29 Bedroom Eyes, Deadlift Face

Image source: queenofthemeeps

#30 Scronch

Image source: greendaruma