Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

What’s the coolest portrait you have ever seen? Wait, don’t answer that, as I’m pretty sure whatever your response, you probably haven’t seen Alex Kiessling‘s works yet!

Even though Kiessling is a multimedia artist, having worked with high technology -like robots, the works featured here are actually paintings. Traditionally made, hand-worked paintings. The artist used acrylic paint on canvas and created a series of human portraits manipulating their form and adding overlapped layers.

Shifts is an investigation of identity, through a dreamlike, almost psychedelic state where the viewer struggles to identify the depicted subjects, who look like they exist in multiple and multidimensional forms and situations.

“In short, I would define the foundation of my artistic work as being the examination of the complexity of man’s levels of existence. How do positions within a society come about, how do we define our identity, where does individuality begin and where does it end, how and why are status symbols used in the everyday global consumer culture, how is the interaction between the subconscious and the conscious both as an individual and in a crowd, and to what degree do dreams bridge the communication gap between the aforementioned poles of our existence?” he writes in his artist statement.


m_Shift_Craig1_Acrylic_on_canvas_170x140cm_2014 m_Shift_Stephanie_Acrylic_on_canvas_260x230cm_2014