Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

The unique, interesting artistic style of Netherlands-based painter and illustrator, Martine Johanna, has created a special place for her in the contemporary art world. Starting her career as a fashion designer, Johnna knows hot to understand and form the female body, its advantages and its weaknesses.

Frequently combing fashion and art, Johanna has been more focused on the second since 2008. Her paintings are bright works on canvas, wood or paper, featuring both vivid and dark colors. Apart from seeking “freedom in her work”, as she states on her website, Johanna is exploring the boundaries and connection between illustration and contemporary figurative painting, color and design. Her, mostly female, imaginary characters are stylish, eccentric people, found in surrealistic situations.

The energy of these paintings and their detailed color combinations draw the viewer’s attention, who enters a world of female domination whose characters love, hurt, suffer and seduce.


the-guild-martine-johanna-web_668 the-last-thought_o-2_1250 The-Odd-One-Out-web_1072 the-room-goed 0024-untitled_1250 anticipation-full-Martine-Johanna arsenic-blues-60x80 cosmic-tides-120x170 crush-martine-johanna_1_775 Dear-Darkness-60X70 in-our-nature-100x120 JuxtapozMartineJohanna000 martine-johanna2015_700 Martine-Johanna-Nightmusic-140x180 my-phantom-limbs-110x150 opaline-blue-80x60cm-martine-johanna_753