Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

If you like DIY projects, then you are gonna love this one! Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss shows the Internet community how to construct a 3D holographic video viewer using just a phone, a “hologram-ready” video and some simple materials easily found in everyone’s home. Using an old CD case, tape, pen, graph paper, a ruler and a sharp knife the Youtuber creates a sort of cone that gives the illusion of  a floating 3D image, by reflecting the special video’s images in its panes.

Technically, the illusion is sadly no true hologram as it still uses 2D images and can be only used with the ready-made videos showing the same images or videos from four directions, but it is still a very cool and impressive trick.

via boredpanda

 3d-hologram-smartphone-diy-device-mrwhosetheboss-2  hologram4_3395957c 3d-hologram-smartphone-diy-device-mrwhosetheboss-5 3d-hologram-smartphone-diy-device-mrwhosetheboss-6