Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

If I were to tell you that you could now wear Kanye West on your neck, would you do it? What about a crying Kim Kardashian? Or a poop emoji?

I hope you made the decision of wearing one of the above and have already chosen which one, as Raquel Benjamin’s unique creations are all perfectly and equally amazing. The imaginative crafter probably thought that the digital versions of celebrities and emojis were too basic and started an ongoing series of jewellery, which you can find and order, on ShopBenji, Benjamin’s etsy store.

From Nicki Minaj’s bum to the “doing my nails” emoji, Benjamin embraces all of pop culture’s products by turning them into actual products. Benjamin not only recreates pop icons as charms, but she also chooses the best images of them, as she uses photos with hilarious expressions or of iconic moments from appearances and paparazzi photos.

Benjamin’s imagination and patience are the greatest weapons during the process of her work, which is very detailed. She continues to constantly creating new charms that can be wore either as pins or as necklaces, while she is “inspired by the things of yesterday and tomorrow,” as she writes on her etsy profile.

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