Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

French artist Slip created a series of collages with black and white images and erased figures. Landscapes, forms and colors intersect in visual contradictions, and mundane black and white backgrounds are interrupted by colorful patterned silhouettes.

While different elements are layered together, the artist explores the techniques of collage by revealing a deeper side to the various human forms. Disappear is a series that possibly exposes a person’s inner self. Inside Slip’s figures one can see from beautiful and calm landscapes to explosions while the viewer is offered a narration of the person’s mentality instead of their appearance.

According to Slip, “Disappearance [is] a domestic capacity that will hide a person’s discomfort. Although the body responds to this, we find ourselves propelled into another world through our mind. This collection invites you to discover the inner world of men and women.”

via mymodernmet

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