San Fransisco-based artist Sarah Duyer has created a series of ceramic objects that are definitely not you average tableware: her unsettling creations feature teapots with spidery legs covered in black and blood red paint, as well as bowls and pots with human teeth and tattooed fingers that look like a laboratory experiment gone wrong!

Amusing, yet disturbing, each of Duyer’s creations seems to be moving, gaining a frightening sense of vitality. These objects are nothing like the ordinary, familiar objects that we are used to – these teapots, bowls and mugs and their embedded human parts are not only disturbing but also repulsive and discomforting.

“Ceramics as a medium is kind of tricky to classify, since it’s still stuck in the debate of whether it should be considered a fine art or a craft. I think with this project I really wanted to utilize my knowledge of traditional forms and techniques and challenge the idea that the two have to be separate. I wanted to alter the tradition and explore the relationship we have with the ceramic pieces that we interact with on a daily basis”, Duyer explains.

A truly interesting work.

Death Ring Bowl

Untitled Creature, white stoneware, 2014

Life, whitestoneware, 2015






by Maria Sofou