Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

For his stunning series of photographs, Taiwanese artist Yung Cheng Lin, aka 3CM, took the idea of, connecting with art, kind of literally.

This work explores societal standards as well as the extreme effort many women go through to modify their bodies. Their magazine aesthetic and intense commentary on ideal standards, cause these images to form an interesting metaphorical portraiture of society’s perception of beauty. Focusing on the nude skin, the artist uses red string and other basic materials to visualized the themes he discusses. Intersecting the female body, these details help construct striking compositions that become whole through the artist’s digital manipulation.

Whether it is about “straightening” these women’s posture or piercing them through with a rose, the artist aims to make statements about important issues that involve women, be using beautiful, soft and elegant objects that can easily become dangerous and hurtful.

 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-16disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-2 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-3 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-4 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-5 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-6 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-7 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-8 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-9 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-10 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-11 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-12 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-13 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-14 disturbing-woman-photography-yung-cheng-lin-3cm-15 asx axs ass asss asd