Job searching has gotten more difficult in recent years.
Not only is there a lot of competition, but there are also some wacky recruiters out there that demand five years of experience for an entry-level position.

Job hunting is difficult enough, and some of these unreasonable expectations might make you lose hope and confidence.
People can talk about their troubles during the recruiting process on the Reddit topic r/recruitinghell.
We’ve compiled a selection of strange stories from folks who have been disappointed by recruiters’ high expectations.
To read them, scroll down.

#1 A Story Of Two Parts, Recruiter Edition

Image source: _tommymason

#2 Funny How The Language Changes Between People And Businesses

Image source: DanPriceSeattle

#3 I Ran Into One Today

Image source: lottery_winner77777

#4 As An Autistic Person, I Despise Everything About This!

Image source: TenNinetythree

#5 Recruiter Asked Me To Send In A Report Of My Total Earnings In 2020/2021 As Part Of The Negotiation Process

Image source: SergeantTeddyWolf

#6 Why Even Ask?

Image source: 54R45VV471

#7 Hitting Close To Home, Is It?

Image source: Multiplexing

#8 “Workforce Development And Salary Consultant” Screwing Her Clients

Image source: agileideation

#9 Interviewing For My First Recruiting Job – Why Did I Start This Life??

Image source: ryin_matiaz

#10 Was I Being Impolite?had This Exchange On Linkedin

Image source: Appropriate_Fudge617

#11 That’s It

Image source: RDPCG

#12 This Should Be Mandatory Training For All Interviewers

Image source: infamouszgbgd

#13 Can I Get A Second To The Motion?

Image source: gatadeplaya

#14 4+ Years Of Experience In A 2 Year Old Technology

Image source: tiangolo

#15 Hey Recruiters, Answer Me This!

Image source: bookluvr83

#16 Got An Email From A Recruiter Today. I Was Interested Until They Disclosed The Pay. It’s Seriously Insultingly Low For The Role And Requirements. So I Told Them Just That Over Email

Image source: missmolly314

#17 We Don’t Count Internships As Experience Here, So Let’s Just Forget All Of That

Image source: virtadpt

#18 That Backfired Spectacularly

Image source: Revealed_Jailor

#19 For The Memes, Because We’ve All Been There

Image source: kinggianniferrari

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